There are 7 automated reports that CommCareHQ provides for easy, quick analysis of CHW performance.  To access these reports, log into your domain on CommCareHQ and click the "Reports" tab.  Select a report under the "Monitor Workers" section on the left.

These reports include a variety of filtering options. These are described in detail on the Report and Export Filters page.

Worker Activity

The Worker Activity Report shows a summary of form and case activity by user or group. The report is organized into three major sections:

See Worker Activity Report for more detail on how to use this report.

Daily Form Activity

This report displays daily form submissions organized by date and by user. You can choose to view it by completion time (the timestamp on the phone when the form was completed), or by submission time (the time CommCareHQ received the form). The date range can be configured using the date select.

Purpose: This report allows the data manager to see exactly when mobile workers are working (completing forms), and when they are able to submit the forms to CommCareHQ.

Submissions by Form

This report displays the number of forms submitted by form type and by user.  The date range can be configured using the date select.

Purpose: This report allows the data manager to monitor the activity of the CHWs more closely.  The manager can see that the CHWs are completing a certain number of form X which gives a sense of how the CHWs are spending their time. 

Form Completion Time

This report displays the average completion times for a specific form, per user, over a given time period. The date range can be configured using the date select.  NOTE: The date range will filter on the submitted forms during this time period, not on forms completed during this time period. 

Purpose: This report allows the data manager to understand how long the CHW is taking to complete a form on their form.  Completion time can be an important measure of performance, particularly for forms which require counseling by the CHW.  If CHWs are completing a form very quickly, then the CHWs may not understand the topics or may not be counseling correctly.

Case Activity

This report displays the number and percentage of open cases (cases means "clients" or "beneficiaries") that have been modified over a given time period. There are 4 columns in this report which provide standard time periods:

Purpose: In effect, the data manager can see the most recent case activity as s/he reviews CHW performance across different time periods.  This helps identify whether the CHWs are routinely visiting their clients up to your expectation.  One limitation is that you can't modify the column dates. However you can filter the users and case type you want to see if your application has more than one case type, for e.g. Mother and Baby cases.

Form Completion vs. Submission Trends

This report displays a log of all submissions, comparing submission time to completion time.  If submission time is before completion time, the report flags the form as "strange" - this should never happen if the time on the phone is set correctly.

Purpose: This report enables the data manager to see if there are connectivity issues causing long delays between completion and submission times, or if any mobile workers may have the incorrect time on their phones.

Worker Activity Times

This report is a graphical representation of the form completion or submission trends over the entire duration of the project.  You can choose a time range to look at.

Purpose: This graph provides the data manager with a high-level understanding when the CHWs are completing and submitting their forms, in terms of when during the day (by hour) and when during the week (by day).