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CommCareHQ Support

Errors in Building Applications - helps you to interpret and understand error messages encountered while building apps

CommCareHQ Website Status - is CommCareHQ down/not working or is it just your system? Check this website to see the current system status

Delete or Hide a Project - what to do if you no longer want your project or created a project by accident

CommCare Mobile Support

CommCare for Android Smartphones

CommCare Android Troubleshooting

CommCare Mobile for Feature Phones

There are a number of ways for the CommCare application to end up in a non-functional state. The following workflow should help identify and solve most major issues:

CommCare Troubleshooting Guide


Troubleshooting Documents

The information provided below can also be accessed through the following links

Troubleshooting for Field Implementer - English

Troubleshooting for Field Implementer - Hindi


Troubleshooting for Health Care Worker - English

Troubleshooting for Health Care Worker - Hindi


Application Errors PowerPoint - English

Application Errors PowerPoint - Hindi


**Frequently Asked Troubleshooting Questions for Field Implementer**

Q: Can the admin user (or any user) submit data in the "demo mode"?

Q: Are usernames case-sensitive?

 No, usernames are not case sensitive


Q: How Do I set up the phones prior to deployment?

  1. Make sure all phones are charged
  2. Make sure all phones are labeled; inside and outside cover
  3. All phones need SIM and SD card
  4. Set up Internet Connectivity
  5. Set GPRS settings
  6. Set correct date/time
  7. Install Media Folder into SD card.


  1. Ensure Volume is at its Maximum
  2. Undo text input Predictions
  3. Set Writing Language to Hindi
  4. Change phone Language to Hindi
  5. Menu Screen Blank


  1. Install application
  2.  Move application to Games Folder,  Turn phone off and then on again
  3. Set Application Permissions once Application is installed
  4. Test Network Connectivity once Application is installed
  5. Restore User
  6. Set Do Not Disturb settings on all phones: SMS ‘START 0’ to 1909
  7. Opt in all CommCare users to Dimagi Gateway; this allows them to receive messages from the CommCare server;  SMS 'START to +917760962755
  8. Create Shortcut for Commcare, Open CommCare once after Shortcut is set.


Q:  The Application Won’t Start at All, What Do I Do?



What to do:


If you have a large application, you may get an "out of memory" error the first time you open CommCare. Don't Panic! Just try opening CommCare one more time and it should work. We are working to correct this but it only happens the very first time the application is opened on a phone.

Q: What is an ‘Application Error’ and how do I fix it?



There are several reasons why you are receiving the "Application Error" message. So, you'll need more information to help resolve your problem. Some potential causes include:

What to do:

Q: Phone prompts for application permissions



What to do:

Q: Is there any difference (other than convenience) of setting the application permissions beforehand? 

Yes.  Setting permissions before opening CommCare is the preferred method.  If the application are set while the application is opening, this could potentially result in bugs for the application.  Additionally, if permissions are set within the application, they may be temporary and will have to be re-set each time.

Q:  Forms won’t submit



What to do:




Additional Notes:

Q: How do I report Bugs about CommCare?


If that doesn't help, please contact the in-country Dimagi representative reporting the issue.


If he or she is not available, please send a bug report email to Dimagi at:

Please write the email as follows:


  1. Use a meaningful title (for example, "Form fails to submit", as opposed to "Bug in form")
  2. In the body, include this information filled out:
    1. Short description: ...
    2. Bug reported by: ...
    3. Date and approximate time found: ...
    4. Specify the application: ...

                                                               i.      If on CommCareHQ: Specify your domain and the number of the build you are currently using.

                                                             ii.      If you’re having problems with a specific phone’s installation, or if the build is not on CommCare HQ, attach the application files (.jar, .jad, .rms) to the email.

  1. Detailed description: Tell us as much about the problem as possible. Here are some basic, important pieces of information that we need to know in order to fix the problem.

                                                               i.      Where in the application did you encounter the problem? Which page of the website or screen on the phone?

                                                             ii.      Give us exact step-by-step instructions for how to reproduce the problem. If you cannot reproduce the problem, describe in detail the steps you took before you encountered the problem.

                                                           iii.      What was supposed to happen next that did not happen because of the error?

                                                           iv.      Include the exact text of any error messages displayed.

  1. If possible, attach a screenshot that demonstrates the problem

Q: Why does the multimedia folder (yellow CommCare folder) have to stay in the memory card and the application in the local memory?


Q: Is there any way to restore any unsent data if the application was deleted?

Q: The audio messages in the application are not loud enough. Can I increase the volume without having to exit the form midway?

No. CommCare does not support increasing volume while the application is open. Ensuring volume is at maximum volume is a recommended step in the installation process. Ensure volume is audible before opening CommCare.

Q: The shortcuts keep getting deleted.  How can I save the shortcut?

Shortcuts may be changed by the FLWs or their families.  You should train to not change the shortcut created.   It is very important that after the shortcut is created, you must sign into the application once to set the shortcut.




** Troubleshooting for Health Care Worker**

Q: Why won’t my application open?

Q: I can’t find my application.

Q: I can’t move forward once I log into the application.

Q: I can’t move forward in the form.

Q: My application is forcing me to quit, what can I do?

Q: I keep getting long messages after each question, what can I do?

Q: My phone is in English, how do I change it to another language?

Q: I can only type in English, how do I change typing to Hindi?

Q: How can I create a shortcut?

Q: I noticed my date and time are incorrect.  How can I change the date and time?

Q: My phone keeps getting locked, how can I unlock my phone.

Q: How can I change the lock settings on my phone?

Q: My phone has no sound, how can I get sound?

Q: How do I turn up the volume on my phone?

Q: What is Demo Mode and when should I use it?

Q: I lost my memory card, what do I do?

Q: Some of my images or audio are not showing?

If images or audio are not showing, you should contact your Project Manager.  This can lead to additional errors.  Please try to remember which images or audio are missing when you speak with your Project Manager

Q: I am out of balance, what can I do?

Please contact your Project Manager to discuss balance and recharge phone.


Still have a question?

If you still cannot solve your technical issue with the information on the CommCare Help Site, please do the following:

  1. If you have a Dimagi Field Manager point of contact, call or email that person
  2. If you have a non-urgent technical issue and want advice, try sending a message to the CommCare Users Forum
  3. If you think you have found a bug, please Bug Report Template submit a bug  report