If the CommCare mobile application login expires within 24hrs, how can users login again if they are offline?

As long as you login the first time to the mobile device with internet access, logins in the future will not require internet.

How do I get help?

Instructions here.

Can CommCare connect or integrate to other systems like Salesforce?


We do integrate with Salesforce, you can do so with Zapier.  Or our customers have worked with this organization in the past to build custom workflows. Most groups start with exporting and importing CSV or excel files to get going first, before exploring more in-depth solutions outlined below.
We have extensive APIs, and customers have connected to all kinds of systems, however we can't support 3rd party systems directly so we maintain and offer our APIs so our technically inclined clients can connect however they like.  We also have data export tools as well, so you can export your data in automated fashion to a number of formats. This is often a good intermediate steps to a direct connection.

What is a one line description of CommCare?

CommCare is an innovative use of mobile phones to strengthen processes of frontline workers, such as community health workers. 

Can I setup my own CommCare server? What are the costs?

Yes, you can setup your own server: information here. However we do not recommend this for organizations or persons without significant technical resources, like a software engineer with Python programming experience.  The CommCare server is a complex software solution and requires expertise to ensure security and smooth operation.  There is no cost to setup your own server, however it is likely that the overall costs incurred from engaging a software engineer plus the cost of setting up a secure data center will far exceed the cost of our cloud-hosted solution.

What are the GPS / GIS options for CommCare?

CommCare offers a Report Builder tool with GPS reporting, more info here.  You can also export CommCare data via data exports or a Zapier integration

Is there a limit to the number of surveys I can submit?

There is no limit to the number of surveys you can submit at any plan level. 

How can we arrange our application so forms are flagged for review by our staff?

This is a "referral" workflow - cases are getting escalated to someone on your staff to review.  We outlined some of the options for doing this here

How does 2-way SMS work?

Two way SMS works through our server, we have existing gateways in the US and UK that send messages and these will work immediately. If you want your users to be able to reply to a local number, rather than international, you can setup your own local number using these instructions. This will require an Advanced Plan.

What are the user limits? Also what is a "user"?

A user is a CommCare installation on a device like a tablet or phone.  A web user, meaning someone who logs in to view CommCare to administer, view reports, or submit data via Web Apps does not count towards the user limit. The user limits are defined here.

Can multiple projects use the same license, assuming they can see each others data?

We don't recommend sharing subscriptions for projects, it can create complications with data sharing and application configuration.   If you are planning to have multiple projects working with the same users (e.g. nutrition and health apps for the same group of people) that would be an exception.

Does Dimagi offer services in addition to the included support? How much does it cost?

We have implementation services offered here.  These are onsite services and need to be scheduled in advance.  We also offer onboarding services. These are remote services, please email sales@dimagi.com to inquire for more information. 

How can I assign mobile workers and web users to each group so that they can’t access the other side’s data? E.g. the third party evaluation firm can export evaluation data but not project monitoring data.

Here are instructions for Location-Based Data Access and User Editing Restrictions.

What are the benefits of CommCare?

Do you offer application templates?

We have an Application Exchange here which has applications that other users have submitted. You can browse applications available and copy them. 

How do you use CommCare in an area with no cell phone reception?

What kind of phone can deploy CommCare?

How does Dimagi address Community Health Workers with low levels of education and/or tech literacy?

Does CommCare only work in health use cases?

How does Dimagi tackle the question of data security?

How big is an average CommCare form?

How can I display multiple questions per screen?

I would like to know more about the RCT study in Bihar, where 1500 women were sampled from 70 sub-centres in Saharsa District.