Hidden Values allow you to build advanced or complex functions into your CommCare application without involving the mobile user. Before using this tutorial, we recommend you review the two articles below (or know the requisite skills):


In the Hidden Value Calculations Tutorial, you will learn the following:

  • The possible uses of Hidden values
  • How to use the Advanced Expression Editor Box
  • How to do basic calculations in a Hidden Value
  • How to write "if" statements
  • How to display the output from a calculation

All About Hidden Values

When you were learning how to use the CommCare Form Builder, you may have noticed the following question type:

This is a Hidden Value (formerly called a "data node"). A Hidden Value is a special question type because the mobile user cannot see it. This means you can use it to do a lot of advanced or complex functions without involving the mobile user.

Here are some common uses of Hidden Values:

This may sound a bit abstract but we are going to walk through several possible ways to use a hidden value by building upon the form you created in the Beginner's Tutorial. Then you can go to our extensive page of common logic and calculations to do even more complex things with hidden values!


Get Ready:


In the first part of the tutorial, you will learn how to do basic math with questions.

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