Below are some suggestions for how to effectively use CommConnect/SMS in different use cases

Sending an SMS to the Case


Helpful Hints/FAQs

Q: How will my multiple answer question show up in CommCare?

A: Here's an example. If your question is:

What is your favorite food?

It will show up like this in your text: What is your favorite food? 1. Pizza, 2. Bananas, 3. Chocolate.

The numbers, comma, and period at the end show up automatically!


Q: How do I view the data from SMS surveys?

A: You can view them in normal CommCareHQ Reports or Data Exports but make sure to choose UNKNOWN USERS for user type in the filter if you want to see responses from the case.


Q: What time zone is everything in?

A: You need to define the timezone in your project, as well as for each individual case. See the instructions for configuring the case.


Q: How do I respond to a Multiple Choice (Multiple Answer) question via SMS?

A: For example, if you have the question "Which foods do you like? 1. Pizza, 2. Applesauce, 3. Grapefruit" you could respond "1 2" to choose both Pizza and Applesauce.

Designing an Effective SMS Project: Evidence


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