CommCare Training for Trainers – Day 1


  • Disseminate phones to all trainees with CommCare application installed.
  • Activate GPRS on all phones.
  • Create user IDs for all trainers (trainee1, trainee2, trainee3 etc.).
  • Organize users in a  “trainee” group.
  • Restore user IDs to the applications.
  • Do the entire training in login mode.



(a)    Introduction of Project/Roles

(b)    What is CommCare

(c)    Basic Phone Training Concepts

(d)    Text Entry

(e)    Application Start Up

(f)     Creating Cases – Communities and Pregnancy Cases only

(g)    Case List/Case Detail Screen

(h)    Introduce Visit forms in the Pregnancy Module – prenatal, parto, postnatal, referrals

(i)      Introduce Update forms – pregnancy update, community update

(j)      Introduce Close forms – pregnancy close, community close

(k)    Review of Continuum of Care

(l)      Introduce Newborn module – create neonatal forms from pregnancy module/create a case module, neonatal visit form, referrals, update and delete cases

(m) Introduce General Illness module – create general cases, general visits, referrals, delete cases

(n)    Question/Answer, FAQs Quiz

(o)    Practice





  1. Introduction of Project/Roles





  1. What is CommCare
    • What is CommCare
    • How is Tula Salud using CommCare
    • Advantages of CommCare




  1. Mobile Phone Orientation
  • On/Off
  • Navigation (up, down, right, left)
  • Center key for selection
  • Orientation of menu screen and different folders applicable for this project (i.e. Settings, Applications, Configurations, Media Player)
  • Sound
  • # button for switching between silent/general modes
  • Options left key – options
  • Options right key – back/cancel
  • Signal
  • Charging
  • GPRS connection symbols 
  • Memory card storage
  • Speaker and Microphone
  • Camera




  1. Navigation within CommCare
  • Open CommCare using Shortcut
  • Forward/selection/confirmation/OK key – can be green or center key
  • Backwards/cancel/clear key – options right key
  • Options key – options left key
  • GPRS connection symbols 
  • Audio playback (# key)




  1. Text Entry
    • Open new SMS message
    • Pressing the number keys multiple times will produce different letters
    • Demonstrate speed at which they should be pressed (not to slow, but not fast either, even pace)
    • Explain 0 key to put a space between words
    • Practice typing the same name as a group.


*It is good to do text entry as a group for applications that are using native input in languages that have a non-Roman script.*




  1. Application Start- Up
  • Initial Screen – start up
  • Login vs. demo
  • Main Screen – Explain Each Section





  1. Introduce Application Structure
  • Introduce modules and purpose.
  • Introduce forms within each module.
  • Explain concept of case management (creating cases, modifying/updating cases, and closing cases).




  1. Creating cases
  • Register 5 communities
  • Register 3 pregnant women
  • Review the questions in each form.
  • Exit out of CommCare (using the exit button)









3 h



  1. Case List/Case Detail Screen
  • Open a module and view the case list
  • Discuss the indicators (name, EDD) displayed for each patient.
  • New cases are added to the bottom of the list. User will need to scroll to see the most recent case.
  • Total number of cases: see the number in brackets in the blue header.
  • Try filtering by name, community or other parameters to search for your case.
  • Click on options, and try to sort alphabetically, by date or other parameters.
  • Introduce filtering by risk type ( .x = previous risks)




  1. Case Detail Screen
  • Select a patient from the list and review data for this patient in case detail screen
  • Describe purpose of case detail screen and when it will be most useful to use. (i.e. to identify a patient, to gather basic information, a quick reference)
  • How do you go back to the case list? (Press back)




  1. Review all the visit forms in the Pregnancy Module one by one and discuss the following aspects for each form. 
  • When to use the form
  • Why to use the form
  • Important logic
  • Constraints


Forms: Prenatal, Parto, Post partum, Referrals




  1. Complete all the visit forms in the Pregnancy Module one by one in the group.




  1. Updating or editing data about the cases
  • Explain purpose of including an “update” form in the application.
  • Update details about different pregnancy patients as a group.
  • Go back to the creating cases module and update details about a community.




  1. Deleting cases
  • Explain scenarios when you would delete a case from the application.
  • Delete one case together as a group and give a reason. Discuss all the possible reasons that could arise for closing a pregnancy case.
  • Open the pregnancy module again to demonstrate the case has been removed from the case list and number in brackets for total number of cases is less by one.
  • Go back to the creating cases module and delete a community. When we create newborn cases, we will see this community has been removed from the community list.




  1. Review of Continuum of Care
  • Discuss the different home visits forms for pregnancy patients and when and how often they should be filled
  • Introduce follow-up schedule for newborns as per application




  1. Review the Newborn Care Module
  • Create cases (notice 1 community is deleted from list)
  • Neonatal visits
  • Referrals
  • Updating and Deleting Cases




  1. Review the General Illness Module
  • Create cases
  • Review codes and constraints in “create a general case” form and “general visit” form.
  • Fill out “otra enfermedad” forms for pregnancy and newborn




  1. Question and Answer.  Ask application specific questions from the FAQ guide.













CommCare Training for Trainers – Day 2


(p)    Review CommCare navigation, application content, and workflow

(q)    Download your application

(r)     Install your application

(s)    Phone preparation

(t)     Common troubleshooting problems


--- Only for Data Managers ---

(a)    CommCareHQ – Reports (Form Submissions, Daily Submissions, Form Completions)

(b)    User management in CommCare (creating users, user groups)

(c)    Send messages to users from CommCareHQ

(d)    Data exports (forms and cases)

(e)    Configure email reports

(f)     Manage web users


3 hr



  1. Review CommCare navigation points, application structure and CommCare application workflow.




  1. Phone preparation 1-7




  1. User friendly settings 8-10




  1. Open Applications folder on phone. Demonstrate where the multimedia folder (memory card) and the application file (local memory) is stored on the phone.




  1. Everyone delete the CommCare application.




  1. Download your application from CommCareHQ
  • Know the active version number
  • Download both the JAR and JAD files


Note: For field staff, who may not have access to the internet or a computer, it is best to have a clean copy of the application and multimedia stored on a memory card where it is easily accessible.




  1. Multimedia folder
  • Review structure and importance of file paths
  • What is the size of the multimedia folder this project?




  1. Install application and multimedia files in the phone
  • Use microSD card and adapter or Nokia PC Suite and USB cable


Note: For field staff, who may not have access to a computer for installation, Phone to Phone installation is the recommended approach. Keep a copy of the application and multimedia on your phone or extra memory card.




  1. Phone Preparation 11-16
  • Application permissions
  • Short cuts
  • Network test
  • Restore user data
  • Review all steps together




  1. Review all installation steps (1-16)




  1. Common troubleshooting problems




  1. Question and Answer.  Ask questions from FAQs for technical/project staff.








PART TWO – session only for data managers on the team

1.5 h



  1. Introduce CommCareHQ – Domain, login




  1. View Case List and Details of different users in your training group




  1. Report 1: Submissions by Form




  1. Report 2: Daily Submissions
  • Explain difference between “submissions” and “completions”




  1. Report 3: Form Completions




  1. User Management: Add mobile users




  1. User Management: Organize users in groups




  1. Send messages to mobile users/groups
  • Send a sample message to all the trainees




  1. Exporting data
  • Form exports
  • Case exports




  1. Configure email reports




  1. Manage CommCare web users