Mobile Phone Experience SurveyDate तारिख
Name नामVillage गांव
Age उम्रEducation शिक्षा
Job title नौक्रीPrimary Health Center स्वास्थ्य केन्द्र
Year I started working कित्ने साल से शुरु किAvg. monthly household income घर की औसत मासिक
Housing type घर का प्रकारKutcha कच्चाSemi-Pucca आधा पक्काPucca पक्का
My preferred language भाषाHindi हिन्दीEnglish अंग्रेजीOther अन्य
I use a mobile phone
I have my own personal mobile phoneYesNo
Years that I have owned a mobile phone
Someone else in my family owns a mobile phoneYesNo
Years that my family has owned a mobile phone
I borrow a mobile phone from someone elseYesNo
I was taught to use my phone by
(self, family member, friend, neighbor)
I use my mobile phone for these tasks
1To make personal calls to friends and familyYes हाँNo नहीं
2For my job as a health workerYes हाँNo नहीं
3For other work-related affairsYes हाँNo नहीं
My mobile phone can do these tasks
2Model Number
3My phone has a radio मेरा मोबईल के पास रेडियो हैYes हाँNo नहीं
4My phone can take picturesYes हाँNo नहीं
5My phone can record videosYes हाँNo नहीं
6My phone can play musicYes हाँNo नहीं
7My phone can play videosYes हाँNo नहीं
8My phone has gamesYes हाँNo नहीं
9My phone has internetYes हाँNo नहीं
10My phone has a memory cardYes हाँNo नहीं
11My phone has bluetoothYes हाँNo नहीं
I can do these tasks on my mobile phonePre-trainingPost-training
GeneralI can do this on my ownI can do this on my own
1Save a number into the contact listYesNoYesNo
2Find and call a number in the contact listYesNoYesNo
3Lock and unlock the keypadYesNoYesNo
4Turn on silent mode or ring toneYesNoYesNo
5Charge the batteryYesNoYesNo
6Recharge balanceYesNoYesNo
7Switch SIM cardYesNoYesNo
8Remove and re-insert the memory cardYesNoYesNo
9Turn bluetooth on or offYesNoYesNo
MediaCan you do this on your own?Can you do this on your own?
10Increase or decrease the volumeYesNoYesNo
11View picturesYesNoYesNo
12Take pictures with cameraYesNoYesNo
13Listen to songsYesNoYesNo
14Load songs or videos onto the memory cardYesNoYesNo
15Watch videosYesNoYesNo
16Take videos with the cameraYesNoYesNo
17Record voice with the microphoneYesNoYesNo
18Listen to the radioYesNoYesNo
19Play gamesYesNoYesNo
20Send a song or picture using bluetoothYesNoYesNo
21Receive a song or picture using bluetoothYesNoYesNo
22Identify the ‘OK’ or selection buttonYesNoYesNo
23Search the contact list to find a numberYesNoYesNo
24Identify the # hash keyYesNoYesNo
25Identify the * star keyYesNoYesNo
26Find games stored on the phoneYesNoYesNo
27See what is saved on my memory card
2813. Read incoming SMS in EnglishYesNoYesNo
2914. Read incoming SMS in HindiYesNoYesNo
3015. Recover old SMSs received through the message inboxYesNoYesNo
3116. Write and send SMSs in EnglishYesNoYesNo
3217. Write and send SMSs in HindiYesNoYesNo
3322. Set date and time YesNoYesNo
3424. Change language displayed on the phoneYesNoYesNo
3526. Browse the internetYesNoYesNo