send "WAP 35685202" to 15300 to get the internet settings

The purpose of this document is to record the steps required to setup GPRS through Celtel (Zain) and Vodacom in Tanzania on S40 Nokia devices. It has been tested on the following devices:


* Nokia 3110 classic


Original "BOTH" instructions from:


located by Clayton Sims.



ZAIN (Celtel)


1.  To receive the internet configuration settings for ZAIN, send an SMS to '232' with the word "internet" (no quotes) as the body of the SMS.


2.  Receive and save the settings on the phone.  Follow any prompts from the SMS.


3.  Proceed to the BOTH section below to complete configuration.





1.  First determine the IMEI number of the phone.  For Nokia this is most easily done by entering *#06#


2.  Send an SMS to '15300' containing the text "WAP" followed by the first 8 digits of the IMEI number.  For example if your IMEI number was 35573021020195, you would send an SMS containing the text "WAP 35573021".  This lets Vodacom know the model of phone to send settings for.


3.  You will receive TWO (2) SMS --- one with PIN numbers and another with WAP settings.


4.  Follow the instructions and save the settings to the phone.


5.  Proceed to the BOTH section below to complete configuration.





At this point your browser should be able to connect, but you will notice that JavaRosa/CommCare are unable to send data even though they can connect to the server.  The following steps will get past this.


1.  Go to Menu -> Settings -> Configuration and choose "Default configuration settings".  Select the settings from either Zain or Vodacom.


2.  Now, go to Menu -> Settings -> Configuration and choose "Activ. default in all apps." 

3.  Now you need to create an access point which you can then use in your MIDlets.


3a.  Staying in the the same "Configuration settings" menu, select "Personal config. settings".

3b.  Press "Add" and select "Access point" from the list.

3c.  Go to "Access point settings"->"Bearer settings"->"Packet data access point" and write the correct access point name here.

3d.  At the time of writing, for both Zain and Vodacom this seems to be "internet", which is the default.


4.  If you want, you can also name this access point, but also the default name "My access point" works well.  Do this before returning to the Configuration settings menu.


5.  In the "Configuration settings" menu, select "Preferred access point" and select the access point you just created (in my case "My access point")


6.  Test JavaRosa and/or CommCare.  Clayton and Drew said that they'd make a very small/simple application that we know works with data services.  Part of the difficulty debugging is figuring out if there was a change to JavaRosa/CommCare or if GPRS is broken or the phone configuration...


7.  Done.  That was exhausting.  And not entirely logical.