Training Checklist

Before training, please review and make sure that the following is completed.


[ ] Prepare all phones with restored user names for each user

[ ] All phones are labelled and assigned to a given user

[ ] Adequate materials available – a flipchart and markers and/or a projector

[ ] Backup phones/SD cards in case a user’s phone needs to be fixed during the training

[ ] Training should ideally occur in an area with network connectivity

[ ] Food/water and time set aside for breaks with the CHWs

Sample Training Schedule

Training Schedule


Day 1 – Morning

Introduction & Mother Registration


Estimated Time

  1. Icebreakers and Introductions

30 min

  1. Review  of program and operations

15 min

  1. Review of CommCare and what value it provides
    1. Why are we giving users mobile phones, what value does it give
    2. What is CommCare and what does it do (sends data to website, provides questions to ask during visit, tells users when to visit mothers)

20 min

  1. Distribute Phones to each person

30 min

  1. Review Basic Phone Operations
    1. Red Button to exit, go back to Home.
    2. Home Screen (get there with red button)
    3. Right Option Button
    4. Ok/Center Button
    5. Arrow Buttons

20 min

  1. Practice Typing (Use Messaging, create New Text Message but they don’t need to send anything)

20 mins

  1. Review Login Screen and Opening CommCare
    1. Opening CommCare from home screen
    2. Describe purpose of login screen and demo mode
    3. Use demo mode to train.

10 mins

  1. Talk main actions (Register Mother, Mothers, Children, Referrals) and what they are for

30 min

  1. Go over Register Mother Form
    1. Register one mother who is pregnant,  no children under 2 years
      1. EDD is 6 months in future
    2. Register one mother who is not pregnant, no children
    3. Register one mother who is not pregnant, but has children under 2 years
      1. One child, date of delivery is 5 days ago
    4. Make sure you discuss how to skip a question, errors they will see for wrong values (ex. date of birth that is in future). 
    5. Show how to play audio for a question (press #)

45 min

  1. Lunch Break

1 hour

Day 1 – Afternoon

Mother Visits


Estimated Time

  1. Work in partners practicing registering mothers

1 hour

  1. Questions and Answers

30 min

  1. Go over Mother Module as a group
    1. Review the case list and how it work
      1. Selecting a mother or child using up and down
      2. Tell them not to type when on the list . This will turn on search and might hide the person they are looking for.
      3. What Next Visit means (how many days until the next visit date for this mother)
      4. How to open more mother details (pressing Ok)
      5. How to view list of available forms
    2. Walk through Pregnancy Visit form
      1. Use the mother from Registration practice or register a mother who EDD is 4 months in future
      2. Practice doing a few pregnancy visits, answer different answers and notice how next visit date changes when different things are answered. 
    3. Walk through Delivery Visit form
      1. Register another mother whose EDD is 10 days away
      2. Show how both Pregnancy and Delivery forms are available
      3. Walk through Pregnancy form – now get different questions because mother is close to delivery.
      4. Finish the delivery form
      5. users will also need to post-partum visit for child (but that will come tomorrow). 

1 hour

  1. Work in partners practicing follow ups

1 hour

  1. Full Review of all concepts of Day 1

90 min

  1.                     Questions and Answers

Remaining Time

Day 2 –Morning

Post-Partum and Infant Visits


Estimated Time

  1. Review yesterday’s concepts
    1. Registration
    2. Pregnancy Visits


1 hours

  1. Go over C:\Users\sheel\Desktop\media\commcare\media\menu\child_module.png Child Module
    1. Walk-through Post-Partum form
      1. Register a mother who is pregnant with EDD 10 days in future
      2. Do a delivery visit for mother  (1 child), born 1 day ago
      3. They need to deregister mother now.
      4. Make sure you show users they now need to do Post Partum form in children section .
      5. Repeat again with a new registered mother who delivered 3 days ago.  Describe how Post Partum form still shows up. 
    2. Walk through C:\Users\sheel\Desktop\media\commcare\media\menu\child_visit.png   Infant Visit Form
      1. Register a mother who has children under 2 years and is not pregnant. 1 child born 7 months ago.
      2. Show users how infant visit form appears for that child.
      3. Walk through infant visit form showing how different answers will create different visit days.
      4. Repeat again with a different child. 
    3. Note how different answers will change the next visit date


1.5 hour

  1. Deregistration Review
    1. Describe C:\Users\sheel\Desktop\media\commcare\media\menu\close_case.png De-Register Mother and C:\Users\sheel\Desktop\media\commcare\media\menu\close_case.png De-Register Child forms
    2. Describe why they would use these forms
      1. Mother has delivered and users has filled out delivery form
      2. Child has finished care cycle (after 2 years)
      3. Mother or child have moved away
      4. Mother or child have passed away.
      5. (Other situations where next visit day is blank)


  1. Work in partners practicing with test cases

1.0 hours

  1.                     Lunch Break

1 hour

Day 2 – Afternoon



Estimated Time

  1. Go over  Referral Module
    1. Create some referrals from pregnancy, post-partum and infant visit forms
    2. Walk-through Update Referral form

1 hour

  1. Work in partners practicing with test cases

1 hour

  1. Real Logins
    1. Describe how to enter password and login
    2. Describe importance of using real login and not demo mode.
    3. Give users their passwords

10 mins

  1. Troubleshooting Review
    1. Network connectivity (checking airplane mode, etc.)
    2. Missing Multimedia (don’t delete things from the memory card!)
    3. Case List – not being able to find the person you are looking for
    4. Case List – what to do when the next visit day is blank
    5. Case List – what to do when next visit day is negative
    6. In the form - errors about improper data (ex. EDD is in the past)
    7. In the form - errors about required data (ex. must provide a mother’s name)
    8. Etc.

30 minutes

  1. Final Review
    1. Talk about importance of real logins again
    2. Any questions from CHWs

1 hour


Troubleshooting for userss

This is information is to share with userss to help them with any issues they may encounter.  This can help them solve the most common problems without someone else’s help. 


For many problems, it can be fixed by turning off and turning on CommCare.  Please try this first and see if it fixes the problem.

1.    My Phone Will Not Turn On

This usually happens because the battery has run out.

  1. users should plug in their phone for to charge.  Sometimes the screen will show nothing for an hour.
  2. If charging phone does not fix problem. users needs to talk to WV to get phone fixed.

2.    My Date and Time are Wrong

It is important the phone’s date and time are correct.  If they are wrong (on the main home screen).

  1. If possible get help at the health center or from a trainer
  2. If this is not possible, go to Menu -> Settings -> Date and Time -> Date and Time format
    1. Choose Time, then Time format.
    2. Change Time format to 12-hour
    3. Press Back (right option key) twice
  3. Choose Date and time settings
    1. Change date and time to correct value.

3.    There is No Audio in CommCare or Phone

  1. Make sure Volume is turned up all the way (use buttons on right)
  2. Turn off Silent Mode  - if there is a music sign on the left corner, this means silent mode is on.  Turn it off by holding #.
  3. Make sure all the music/media is still on the phone.  Press the “Play” button the left side of the phone.  If CommCare voices play, media is still on phone.  Otherwise users needs to talk to WV to get phone fixed.

4.    Data Will Not Send (Sync with Server is Red and trying to sync does not work) or Other Network Problems

There are a number of different causes of this.

  1. Retry one or two times (pressing 5 then Ok to sync).  Sometimes the phones will not connect the first time.  If there is an E or G in the top left corner, then the phone is trying to connect to the network. 
  2. Make sure that there is network reception for the network.  This can be found by looking at the Home Screen and number of bars for SIM 1
  3. Make sure that the phone has data balance. 
    1. For MTN, check this by calling *150# and then replying with 1 for Mobile Internet, then 4 for Check Balance then typing in the phone’s phone number.
    2. For Airtel, calling *575# then following the prompts. 

If the phone has no balance, talk to World Vision staff about reloading balance on the phone. 

  1. Make sure Airplane Mode is off – if there is an airplane on top of phone, airplane mode is turned on.  To turn it off, go to Menu -> Settings -> Profiles and choose General.


5.    See Application Error

This means that the CommCare application has had a problem. 

  1. Try the same thing again and see if it fixes the problem. 
  2. Make sure Date and Time are correct.
  3. If this fails, please go to health center or speak with a trainer.


6.    Pressing the Right Button Does Not Open CommCare (opens something else.)

This means that the shortcut got deleted/removed.  Speak to health center or users to get this addressed.

7.    Form Will Not Accept Answer

Sometimes you get a message (for example, “EDD must be in the future”) when entering a value for a question.  This means that you have answered an incorrect answer for a question.  Make sure that the value you have entered is correct. 

8.    Cannot Find Registered Mother or Child in List

  1. Make sure that you have not typed something.  This will cause the case list to start searching, hiding some items.
  2. Make sure you are not in Demo mode.  Do not register real mothers or children in demo mode.
  3. Make sure that the mother was not registered when in demo mode. 
  4. Make sure you are using your phone (check the username when logging in).