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Diet Sehat Secara Alami (Tanpa Obat)

Diet sehat secara alami dengan program diet tanpa obat dan alat di pandu oleh Nunny Hersiana

Alcohol Disturbs Sleep Pattern

Team from the London Sleep Centre conducted studies showing that alcohol interferes with our normal sleep cycle. Although alcohol cuts the time it takes for you to fall asleep, the substance also robs one of the most satisfying types of sleep, which is when dreams appear.


If you drink alcohol too often, people can develop insomnia. Many suggest taking a sip before bed, such as in nursing homes and hospitals, but Dr Ebrahim and his team suggest otherwise.


Alcohol makes people become snorers. Dr Ebrahim, medical director at the London Sleep Centre and author of the latest review, has a publication in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research. He said that we have to be more careful about drinking alcohol on a regular scale. One or two drinks may be fun in the short term, but if you continue to drink a sip of alcohol before bed it can cause significant problems.


If you drink, do a better one and a half hour to two hours before bedtime so that the alcohol evaporates. He said that people can depend on alcohol to sleep and it also can prevent you from sleeping soundly and make people become snorers.


With increasing doses, alcohol depresses respiratory. The thing that can make people become snorers is that people can develop breathing disorders during sleep.


According to a study of 20 cases, alcohol disturbs sleep in three ways.


First, the substance that makes us fall asleep faster.


Then, the alcohol makes us fall into a very deep sleep.


Both of these changes, together with the effects seen in people taking antidepressants, may explain why some people who suffer from insomnia uses alcohol.


But the third change, is fragmented sleep pattern in the second half of the night. Alcohol reduces the time it takes you to fall to the stage of sleep when dreams appear. As a consequence, the sleep will be less satisfying.

Nice Margahayuland

Tidak ada yang salah terkait oleh margahayuland yang sedang panas dan begitu membara arah postif. Ini menunjukan perkataan sebelum dan sesudahnya menginstruksi makna margahayuland agar cepat bergerak. Siaran makna margahayuland kali menjelaskan kepada kalian untuk terus berkembang dan membangun.

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