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This page provides project planning tools for CommCare projects. Using our deep experience in CommCare and ICT implementations, these tools will help implementers better understand and plan for a CommCare project. 

Tool 1: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Model

This is a Total Cost of Ownership Model tool which Dimagi has created to help organizations estimate the total cost of adopting CommCare or other mobile technologies for their community health workers. This tool provides a budget for adopting CommCare over the next five years. This is meant to provide a concrete example for planning. See the list below to download the CommCare TCO model. 

Tool 2: Implementation Plan

This plan provides a generic implementation timeline we recommend based on our previous experience with CommCare projects. Available in both 6 month or 12 month project lengths, this plan provides specific tasks, actors, and task "due by" dates needed to successfully implement CommCare. This tool is only a starting point and can be adjusted or tailored to fit your specific project requirements. See the list below to download both the 6 and 12 Month CommCare Implementation Plans.

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