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If you encounter an error or problem, please send a bug report email to Dimagi at either

  • - For bugs found in CommCare HQ
  • - For bugs found in CommCare Mobile

Please write the email as follows:

  1. Use a meaningful title (for example, "Form fails to submit", as opposed to "Bug in form")
  2. In the body, include this information filled out:

1)  Short description: 

2)  Bug reported by: 

3)  Date and approximate time found:

4)  Specify the application:

  • If on CommCareHQ: Specify your domain and the number of the build you are currently using.  
  • If you're having problems with a specific phone's installation, or if the build is not on CommCareHQ, attach the application files (.jar, .jad, and .rms) to the email.  Not sure how? Instructions here.

5)  Detailed description:  Tell us as much about the problem as possible.  Here are some basic, important pieces of information that we need to know in order to fix the problem.  

  • Where in the application did you encounter the problem? Which page of the website or screen on the phone?
  • Give us exact step-by-step instructions for how to encounter the problem. 
  • If you can't encounter the problem again, describe in detail what you did before you encountered the problem.
  • Relate any error messages you saw, exactly.

6) If possible, attach a screenshot that demonstrates the problem.

Downloadable Template

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