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If you encounter an error or problem, please send a bug report email to Dimagi, at

Please write the email as follows:

  1. Use a meaningful title i(eg, "Form fails to submit", as opposed to "Bug in form")
  2. In the body, include this information filled out:

1)  Short description: 

2)  Bug reported by: 

3)  Date and approximate time found:

4)  URL and screenshots, if possible.

5)  Instructions to reproduce, or description of what may have led to the bug (Must include concrete directions which will cause the bug to occur, ideally from a fresh install): 

6)  Is the bug reliably reproducible? yes/no

7)  If the bug is not reproducible, indicate how confident you are that the description of the observed behavior and the
steps taken are accurate.

8)  If necessary to log in as a certain user to see the bug, include username/password: ...

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