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If you encounter a bug or problem you can't fix, here are the places you turn for help:

  1. First check to see if there is information on the help site that can help you solve the problem.
  2. If that does not help, and if you have a service contract with Dimagi, please contact your designated representative reporting the issue.
  3. If he or she is not available and the issue is urgent, please send a bug report to Dimagi by navigating to your project on CommCareHQ and using the "Report an Issue" button at the bottom of any page. It is better to report the issue from CommCareHQ because unlike an email, it provides us with direct links to your project so that Dimagi staff can troubleshoot the issue.

Using "Report an Issue"

  1. Use a meaningful title (for example, "Form fails to submit", as opposed to "Bug in form")
  2. In the body, include this information filled out:

1)  Short description: 

2)  Bug reported by: 

3)  Date and approximate time found:

4)  Specify the application:

  • If on CommCareHQ: Specify your domain and the number of the build you are currently using.  
  • If you're having problems with a specific phone's installation, or if the build is not on CommCareHQ, attach the application files (.jar, .jad, and .rms) to the email.  Not sure how? Instructions here.

5)  Detailed description:  Tell us as much about the problem as possible.  Here are some basic, important pieces of information that we need to know in order to fix the problem.  

  • Where in the application did you encounter the problem? Which page of the website or screen on the phone? Be sure to include URL links or use the "report an issue" button on the page you are having trouble with.
  • Give us exact step-by-step instructions for how to reproduce the problem.  If you cannot reproduce the problem, describe in detail the steps you took before you encountered the problem.
  • What was supposed to happen next that did not happen because of the error?  
  • Include the exact text of any error messages displayed. 

6) If possible, attach a screenshot that demonstrates the problem.

After you click on "submit" you will get an email with ticket number. If you want to add any additional detail, reply to that email without changing the subject line.

Submitting Bugs via Email

If you do not have access to CommCareHQ, you can also follow the template above and send your bug report directly to the following addresses:

Issue Reporting on CommCare Mobile

You can report any issue from a mobile device using the front page menu's item "Report Problem" from CommCare ODK. This takes you to a form that asks you for your comment, which is added as the "Message:" field at the bottom of the email. The rest of the fields, though editable, will be auto-populated. The full list of fields is as follows:


CCODK version:
Device Model:
Android Version:

Reporting Force Closes on CommCare Mobile

If you encounter an error while using CommCare on a mobile device, you may see an error message that says "Report" and forces CommCare to close.  Please do the following:

  1. If prompted, click on "report" and then describe the problem, along with some details like the name of your project or your name. Click on "submit."
  2. You can either then use the "Report Problem" as described above or when you have computer access, use the "report an issue" button on HQ to further describe the problem you encountered, and describe what you wrote on the phone when you clicked on "report." 


Downloadable Template

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