The Reminder Calendar is a convenient way to see upcoming, scheduled text messages.

The Reminder Calendar shows the following information for each message:

  • WHEN: When it is scheduled to be sent (note that the calendar will show times in GMT; this will eventually be updated to reflect the project timezone)
  • WHO: The name of the case to which the message is to be sent
  • WHAT: The name of the reminder or survey which is going to be sent


The Reminder Calendar is located under the Message tab, in the "Data Collection and Reminders" section:


Understanding the Calendar

The key thing to understand is that the calendar shows only the reminders or survey messages that have been scheduled by the time you view the calendar. This may not capture every possible message.

For example:

  • SMS Survey- if you are administering a survey via SMS only the initiating message is shown as scheduled in the Reminder Calendar. Subsequent portions of the survey will not be shown on the calendar.
  • Change in trigger. If someone is supposed to receive a message which is impacted by a case property entered into the CommCare system elsewhere, or triggered by a calculation involving a date, for example, those messages will not be shown since they have not been "triggered." 

The calendar can be very useful for testing your reminders- you can save changes in the reminder definition builder and then look at the calendar to see if they are scheduled in the way you want. 

Clicking on the case name will bring you to the reporting tab interface where you can see all data related to that case.

NOTE: Pay attention to time zones!

Currently the Reminder Calendar is in GMT, which may be different from your project timezone. Make sure to adjust accordingly when reading the times on the calendar.



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