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Purpose: Get a list of form submissions.

Base URL:[domain]/api/v0.4/form/

Input parameters:

The forms can be filtered using the following parameters

xmlnsForm XML namespace (optional)xmlns=ttp://"Proposed
received_on_startDate (optional)user=3c5a623af057e23a32ae4000cf291339Supported
typeType of case (optional)type=pregnant_motherSupported
closedCase status (optional)
Supported: false (default), true, any 
[ property ]Any case propertyname=NEAL&properties/favorite_color=blueSupported

Output values:

usernameUser name of case owner, including
user_idUUID user that owns the case3c5a623af057e23a32ae4000cf291339
owner_idUUID group/user that owns the caseac9d34ff59cf6388e4f5804b12276d8a
case_nameName of caseRose
external_idExternal ID associated with the case123456
case_typeType of casepregnant_mother
date_openedDate and time case was opened2011-11-16T14:26:15Z
date_modifiedDate and time case was last modified2011-12-13T15:09:47Z
closedCase statusfalse
date_closedDate and time case was closed2011-12-20T15:09:47Z

Sample usage:[domain]/api/v0.2/case/?format=xml

Sample XML output (Proposed):

		<date_modified>2011-12-13 15:09:47</date_modified>
		<date_closed>2011-12-20 15:09:47</date_closed>

Sample JSON Output:

JSON Format
[ { "case_id" : "45WKYXQRFFU3AT4Y022EX7HF2",
    "closed" : false,
    "date_closed" : null,
    "date_modified" : "2012-03-13T18:21:52Z",
    "domain" : "demo",
    "indices" : {  },
    "properties" : { 
    	"case_name" : "ryan",
        "case_type" : "programmer",
        "date_opened" : "2012-03-13T18:21:52Z",
        "external_id" : "45WKYXQRFFU3AT4Y022EX7HF2",
        "gender" : "m",
        "languages" : "python java javascript c php erlang love",
        "owner_id" : null,
        "role" : "artisan"
    "server_date_modified" : "2012-04-05T23:56:41Z",
    "server_date_opened" : "2012-04-05T23:56:41Z",
    "user_id" : "06414101dc45bcfdc963b8cb1a1ebdfd",
    "version" : "1.0",
    "xform_ids" : [ "3HQEXR2S0GIRFY2GF40HAR7ZE" ]
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