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  1. Excel Fundamentals and Shortcuts
  2. Some Common Functions in Excel
  3. Directory Mapping Macro
  4. Sorting and Auto Filters
  5. Using Lookups (Vlookup and Hlookup)
  6. Excel Gantt Chart
  7. Adding a horiztonal line to excel charts (target values)


The maximum number of digits you can have for a number in Excel is 15. When you convert csv to xls if you are importing a number that is greater than 15 digits Excel will round the number 15 digits. In order to work around this, you have to tell Excel to mark the bank account column as text instead. You can do this in the Text Import Wizard by setting the Column Data Format to Text.

Support for



There are known issues for Excel support of Unicode characters. If you are finding that Excel replaces your text with strange characters make sure you are following the directions here: