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A manual update can also be initiated from the CommCare mobile application. 

New Version Update Prompt

For projects that have shortened inactivity timeout functionality, when a new version of an app is released, users will see a pop up message allowing them to either update to the latest version now or later.

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This pop up will appear with the timeout activity pop up (generated a few mins before the timeout). Clicking Update Later will close the pop up and allow the user to continue working where they were. Clicking Get Latest App will navigate the user to the WebApps home page, from where they have to select to re-enter the latest released version of the app they were working in.

Note: The new app released pop up will not appear

  • For projects that do not have an inactivity timeout set.
  • If use_latest_build_cloudcare feature flag is enabled.
  • If the user has navigated from the Releases page to Web App.

Updating CommCare on Mobile