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Once you have lots of versions they will all be listed as follows:

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The main function to be aware of is the Latest Released label. Once an application is marked as "Released" it means that when a mobile worker updates the application on their phone, CommCareHQ will send the most recent released version. You should be able to update your phone without re-installing your application with these steps:


  • View More - this button will allow you to see older versions, which are hidden by default.
  • Delete a Version - clicking on the delete button next to a build will delete it. Note that there is no way to "undo" it and there is no need to delete old versions since they will just be hidden as you make new versions.
  • Revert - this will restore your application on CommCareHQ to its state at the time of a version. For example, if you accidentally deleted a module, you can go revert to a version of the application that had the module.