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Upon first start-up of CommCare or upon installation, the phone CommCare app will validate that all of the multimedia files that the application needs to use are present on the phone.  Sometimes users want to test or see the application on the phone even if they don't have  

If they are not present then there will be an error message and you will be prompted to install the missing multimedia files.


Skipping Multimedia Validation - CommCareHQ Setting

If you are testing an application without all of the multimedia files and do not want to encounter the error message, you can skip multimedia validation.

You can simply turn off multimedia validation by going to your Application Settings -> General Settings -> Multimedia Validation = No Validation

You must then make a new build version of the app and install that the new version.

Skipping Validation for J2ME Apps

Here's how to configure the application to skip the validation process if you have already downloaded the application files:


It is possible to manually skip validation for Feature Phone apps even after you have downloaded the jar and jad files.

  1. Before you transfer the .jar and .jad to the phone, Right click on the .jad file and open it in a text editor


  1. Locate the line that says "Skip Validation" (should be around line 20)


  1. The line should say "Skip Validation=no".  Change the "no" to "yes".


  1. Transfer the .jar and .jad files to the phone as usual