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[Active Mobile Workers]

Results are for only Active Mobile Workers. Active mobile workers are any worker in your project space that have not been deactivated.

[Deactivated Mobile Workers]

Mobile workers that have been deactivated by selecting the ‘Deactivate’ button on the Mobile Workers page.

[All Data]

Displays all case information and does not filter by owner. This filter is only available in Case reports and exports.

[Project Data]

Excludes specific Case owners from the results. The excluded Case owners are Web Users, [admin],  [demo_user], [Unknown Users], and [CommCare Supply]. If you wish to include that info, these filters can be added to the query. This filter is only available in Case reports and exports. This filter includes cases owned by both Active and Deactivated Mobile Users.

Web User

In the context of Case data, this will display all cases owned by the Web User selected. For Form data, this filter will display all forms submitted by that Web User. This filter may be useful if your project uses Web Apps or App Preview in data collection.


Returns data that was created when a mobile device was set to Demo Mode.


Information associated with the ‘admin’ user. This is only relevant to J2ME submissions using this workflow

[Unknown Users]

Users with unknown user ids. This includes form or case data created by cases themselves (via messaging).

“Group Name” [group]

Data associated with a Mobile Worker Group. More information about Groups can be found here.

“Location Name” [location]

Information associated with a Location (also referred to as Organizations). If filtering to a high-level location, you will also see information associated with its descendants


If all filters, including default filters, are removed from the search field, all data will be shown.

“Username” [active mobile user]
“Username” [deactivated mobile user]

Returns information for that specific user. Both active and deactivated users can be selected

[CommCare Supply]

Only applicable to case data on projects with CommCare Supply enabled. This filter shows all case data associated with a Supply Point