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What is multimedia in CommCare?

CommCare supports the use of multimedia files in an application. The term “multimedia” refers to a variety of different communicative data formats, e.g. images, audio recordings, or videos. Multimedia can change the way in which the end-user engages with the CommCare application. It can enhance the level of interactivity between user and application. It also supports end-users when application training is limited. 


Use case
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In During one of her visits, Hope notices that a pregnant woman named Thandi has a rash on her left torso. Hope knows that rashes can be common during pregnancy, but she feels the need to monitor the rash. Her CommCare application was designed with this example in mind and the multimedia capture functionality was included in the application. One of the questions gives Hope the ability to take a photo of the rash. The photo will help with monitoring the rash. Hope can also consult with one of the doctors at the clinic to determine what treatment to give Thandi, and whether to refer Thandi to the clinic for further examination. 

Using multimedia in this way can help Hope to gather important information and evidence in order to monitor a patient’s health and in doing so, keeping them healthy.