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  • Both Twilio and Telerivet integrate easily with CommCareHQ.

  • For international SMS projects, many projects use a separate Android phone to create a Telerivet gateway.  This requires an active local SIM card.

  • For U.S. based SMS projects, many projects choose to use Twilio.  A web based phone number can be purchased for $1/month.

  • For India bases SMS projects, Unicel is preferred. Additionally, India has regulations involving SMS projects. More information can be found on this help page.

What is the volume cut-off for a Telerivet gateway versus going to Telecoms?


  • To test an SMS gateway in multiple countries, procure a SIM card for each country mobile operator.  Start by sending test messages to each phone. Once received, send in a response to confirm that messages can be sent both ways.

  • For more information regarding managing your SMS system check out the Telerivet FAQ for helpful tips.

  • For more information on testing gateways in India, please see this help page

SMS Surveys

What question types can I use to send out questions via SMS survey? 


  • Message Log: Start by reviewing the message log to review any test data.

  • Reminder Calendar: Check the reminder’s calendar to see the upcoming messages for your configuration.  Select one of the calendar message recipients.

  • Contact: Review the case data of an active case and any relevant case properties

  • Reminders: Open up reminders, verify case properties that serve as triggers.

  • For further testing messaging in India, please see this help page

Is testing SMS as difficult as it was a couple years ago?