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  • We recommend you use the Google Chrome web browser.
    • Other browsers may work, but are not fully supported.
  • Case sharing as a web user is not supported.
  • No mobile-specific user interface settings (e.g. Sense mode) are honored.
  • Hint text is not supported.
  • The time portion of 'format-date' does not work well. Time portion always shows up as 00:00:00 in CloudCareWeb Apps.
  • The "default language" setting is not honored for applications. User-specific language setting is used instead for both Web and Mobile users. 
  • Groups that contain only hidden values will be shown as empty groups in CloudCare Web Apps if the display condition of the group is met.
  • Case List Menu Item setting for a module
  • Alternative calendar formats are not supported.
  • Multimedia upload and capture (Image, Video, Audio) are not supported
  • Report Modules
  • Most advanced Android formatting options are not respected
  • Audio files on multiple choice question choices will not show or play
  • Incomplete forms on Web Apps are deleted automatically after 7 days.