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2) Now select the Untitled Form that is created with the new module. Edit the form and add a few hidden variables. You should create a question for each property you have imported that you would like storedto reference in the application:

3) Now we need to save the properties so the application can use the properties in other forms without receiving that error message. Return to the form settings page and access the Case Management tab. Set the form to 'Update or closes a case.' Save the questions that you created in the form:

4) If you go to one of the references to the imported property in your application, you should no longer receive the yellow warning message:

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There may be instances in which you do want to reference imported properties throughout the application, but you don't want your mobile workers to be able to update them. To handle this situation, perform the above steps and then add a filter to the module so that it is hidden from the mobile workers:

1) Select the module and proceed to the module settings page.

2) Add a Module Filter that can never be true (for example: 1=2):

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3) Now when the application is deployed, the mobile workers will not be able to see the module that contains the imported properties: