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It is possible to attach custom data to users in CommCare and access that information within form entry. Details found at the 'Custom User Data' page.

There are several custom default values that are provided in along with the custom user data:

User's first nameinstance('commcaresession')/session/user/data/commcare_first_name
User's last nameinstance('commcaresession')/session/user/data/commcare_last_name
User's phone numberinstance('commcaresession')/session/user/data/commcare_phone_number
User's primary locationinstance('commcaresession')/session/user/data/commcare_location_id
User's locationsinstance('commcaresession')/session/user/data/commcare_location_idsspace-separated list
User typeinstance('commcaresession')/session/user/data/commcare_user_type"web" or "commcare"