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Go to the Reports tab in CommCareHQ and choose + Create new report (if you do not see this option, make sure that your subscription is active in the Project Space Settings)


Choose your report's name and data source.  The name can be anything you want - but should be descriptive since this is the name that will show up on CommCareHQ on the list of reports. Each report is based on either a case or a form data source. Select the general type of data you want to use (form or case) and then drill down to the exact case type or specific form that you want to use as the basis for your report. 


Set a name and description for the report by clicking the Edit pencil next to each text field.

Report Type: 

Choose the type of report you'd like (a list of records, a summary or a map). 


  • Most Report Builder reports can be saved and emailed like regular reports
    • Chart type reports will not send the pie chart or bar chart in the email
  • It is not currently possible to directly export reports; however if you save and set them to be emailed reports then you can include a Excel version in the emailed reports
  • Multiple languages are not currently supported in report builder reports
  • Multiple choice lookup table question types are not supported in report builder reports
  • Organizations/Location Hierarchy based search is not supported. 
  • Location restricted web users cannot access report builder reports.
  • When saving reports, the URL (which includes filters) must be less than 8000 characters. If not, a request to view the report will result in a 414 error "URI too large" response.


  • Report builder maximum column limit is 40.