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Comment: reporting and case actions update


The case close action shows up in the case history as a form submission. You can view the form that closed the case by looking in the Submit History report or the Manage Forms tool. The form will also show up in the Case History of any cases closed by a rule. In the case history for the form name will show up as "Unknown" and the user as "system":Image RemovedAutomatic Case Update Rule" and indicate which rule was executed as displayed below:

Image Added

It is important to note that Automatic Case Update Rules may have duplicate names. For this reason, you should verify the rule that was executed by the system, via the Submit History page. Also, if a rule name is edited, the case history tab will display the name of the rule at the time it was executed, and not the updated rule name. 
This behaviour may be changed in the future.

Reversing a Rule

If a rule ran and closed cases and you want to undo that action, you should go to Manage Forms or Submit History report, locate the form submission that closed the cases, and archive it. This will restore the case to its prior status. For more information on archiving forms, please see Archive Forms.