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Feature Description

Starting in CommCare 2.24, a new system has been integrated to make image sizing for apps being deployed on multiple devices easier and more predictable. In the past, many users have experienced issues with the same images appearing as different sizes on different devices. Activating this system will fix that problem, by making the size at which an image appears in CommCare consistent with the size of the image file you provide, on all devices. 


STEP 2: Downloading the CommCare Developer Toolkit App
  1. Download the CommCare toolkit Toolkit app from the Google Play Store (note that this is not a the CommCare app, it's a separate Android app that runs on its own).

STEP 3: Sizing your images


  1. Once you have finished sizing and uploading your image files, select the gear icon in the top left corner by your application name to proceed to the Application Settings page. 

  2. Then select the 'Advanced Settings' tab. 

  3. Once on the advanced tab, select the menu options on the right hand side (the three stacked lines). Checking the "Android Settings" option from this menu will open various settings for you to configure.

  4. Find the setting entitled "Image Compatability on Compatibility on Multiple Devices" and select the value in the dropdown menu that most closely matches the value you obtained for "Screen Density" in the previous step. 

  5. Make a new build of your app in order for this settings change to take effect.

  6. That’s it. Updating this setting provides CommCare with the information it needs to keep your image sizes consistent across all devices. You do NOT need to repeat this process on other devices, even if your app is going to be deployed on multiple devices; doing it on one device suffices.