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The User Case is a special type of case associated with a both mobile worker and web user profiles. Each mobile worker profile has one "user case" associated with them. You can design an application to update or reference "properties" associated with a user case. This is useful for:


  • There is only one user case per mobile workerprofile type
  • The case type is "commcare-user"
  • The data can be exported just like any other case
  • The special syntax to reference user-case properties in a filter is #user/<property name>
  • The ownership of user case is attributed to the respective mobile worker or web user. This means that user cases in their original configuration can’t be shared and, therefore, modified through an application by anyone else other than the user to which they belongs to.


Data associated with the user case can be found in the Case Data Export section. It will be listed as case type commcare-user and will have the same name as a mobile worker's username.