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  • Age in years: int((today() - date(#form//dob)) div 365.25)
  • Age in months: int((today() - date(#form//dob)) div 30.4)
  • Age in weeks: int((today() - date(#form//dob)) div 7)
  • Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD) from Last Menstrual Period (LMP): date(#form//lmp + 280)*
  • Summation of three questions: int(#form//question_one) + int(#form//question_two) + int(#form//question_three)


Operation ordering


Expressions in CommCare are evaluated left to right. The following example illustrates how this impacts expressions:


A and B or C


is equivalent to:


((A and B) or C)


Should you wish to evaluate expressions differently you must use parentheses to indicate which elements should be evaluated together e.g.:


A and (B or C)



Display Logic for Hidden Values