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Messagingcan Messaging can also be set up to allow users (mobile workers or cases) to initiate interact with the system themselves.  For example, a mobile worker may want to register a new beneficiary or a beneficiary may need to request a service or report some information.

This type of functionality is can be setup through SMS Keywords.  A mobile worker or case  can can message the keyword to an HQ phone number.  This will trigger a form to be run for the user.  Some caveats:

  1. Only known phone numbers can use keywords.  To allow users to register themselves in the system, see Self Registration
  2. If a Mobile worker phone numbers send sends in a keyword for a caseto initiate a form that normally requires the user to first select a case from the case list, they also need to provide the external ID for that case. For example, if you have keyword "edit" tied to a form that updates a case, the mobile worker will need to send in "edit <external_id>", where <external_id> is the external_id case property of the case they wish to open the form for.

Keyword Setup

To setup the keyword, choose the Messaging tab, then In the left side bar, select "Keywords".  Click the "+Add Keyword" button.