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  1. SMS Survey Tutorial
  2. Create an SMS Survey
  3. Setup an SMS Survey Reminder
  4. Test and Verify the Survey


Creating an SMS Survey

An SMS Survey is just another form in CommCareHQ.  You can have the same logic you have in forms (display logic, validation logic).  You can also use the survey to update cases as you can with regular CommCareHQ forms.  The only limitation on SMS surveys is that only some question types will work over SMS (text, label, numbers and single and multiple choice).  

Setup the SMS Application

We need to add a new application to the existing project created for the Messaging Beginner Tutorial.  This application will contain all the SMS surveys so they don't appear in the existing health worker application. 

  1. Add a new application to the project by going to the Applications tab and choosing New Application -> Blank Application.  
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  2. Update the first module and set the name to Pregnancy Surveys
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  3. And then set the case type to pregnancy.  This module will contain all surveys related to pregnant women.  
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Add the Clinic Attendance Survey

This tutorial assumes you already know how to create a form with hidden values.  


Question ID or Choice ValueTypeLabelRequiredDisplay LogicCalculation
attend_clinicSingle AnswerDid you attend the clinic today?Yes  
visited_clinic_labelLabelGreat! Speak to your health worker about the results. /data/attend_clinic = 'yes' 
no_visitLabelIts important you visit the clinic. Please try visit next week.  /data/attend_clinic = 'no' 
send_clinic_visit_reminderHidden Value   if(/data/attend_clinic = 'yes', 'no', 'yes')









introduce you to using Messaging within your CommCare application.    This will be based on a very simple application (registration of a pregnant woman and tracking of pregnant women.).  We'll add some basic messaging to the application including a welcome message to registered women, a message to remind women to visit the clinic if she has danger signs and messages to health workers to remind them of delivery dates. 


Creating an SMS Survey