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You're updating existing casesyour application already has case propertiesyou can choose these for each Excel column. (Note that the tool will only show case properties that have been submitted. If you have not created a case yet, it will not show any case properties).
You're updating existing casesyour application doesn't have a case propertyyou can choose to create a new one for the appropriate Excel column. The Auto Fill button will automatically match your excel headers to the existing case properties name.
You are creating new cases,
  • Map one of the columns to the case property called name,  This will ensure that each case has a name. 
  • Map the owner_name column to the case property called owner_name. This will assign each case to a user, case sharing group or location. You will need to check the box for "Create new property". If you are using a location for owner_name, then also go through the page on Assigning Cases to Locations When Using the Excel Importer