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Comment: Adds info on single line numeric entry


In the Advanced section of the Question Properties section set the  Appearance Attribute to: acquire

Single Line Numeric Entry

CommCare by default displays the questions input box in the next line to label. However, you can configure the numeric questions input to be displayed inline with the question label as shown in the image below - 

Image Added

How to do it

This behaviour is achieved by grouping the questions inside a group and setting it's Appearance Attribute to: compact


  • It only works for questions with numeric input i.e. either an Integer or Decimal
  • All other question components apart from question label and input doesn't show up in single line data entry. Ex- Multimedia, help text, hint text etc. 
  • Question label truncates itself if it doesn't fit in the available space and there is no way to see the whole text of the question currently.

Media Options

CommCare has some advanced options for how to display media that you include in your app.