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  • Name: Is application name descriptive and understandable?
  • Timezone: Is the project's timezone correct? 
  • (Java/J2ME) Project using latest stable version of Java/J2ME?
  • Application Settings
    • Sense Mode <- recommended Sense Mode on
    • ChatterboxMultiple/One Question Per Screen <- recommended One Question Per Screen
    • Sync Mode and Auto-Sync <- recommend that sync-mode is set to Two-Way and Auto-Sync is set to weekly. 
  • Final/testing build of application starred in HQ under deploy

Form Design and Logic

  • Correct questions marked as required
  • Groups are used appropriately, and in an efficient manner for organization
  • Reduced use of text input questions (use select options choices where possible instead of text input)
  • Minimal text for quetions, and clear language usage
  • Validation conditions where needed
  • Validation messages for any validation conditions
  • Appropriate questions have display logic (i.e. questions not asked at wrong time)