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To download tables:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Tables window
  2. Identify the lookup table of interest
  3. From the Manage Tables section, click the Include in Download checkbox next to each table of interest
    Note: The all or none buttons can be used to select or deselect multiple tables.
  4. Click the Download Lookup Tables button. Download time will vary by connection speed.


To upload tables:

  1. Navigate to the lookup table of interestManage Tables window
  2. From the Upload Lookup Tables section, click Choose File and select the desired Microsoft Excel file
  3. From the Upload Lookup Tables section, click the Replace Existing Tables checkbox
    Note: The Replace Existing Tables option will replace any existing tables with new data from the uploaded Microsoft Excel file. If not selected, existing data rows will be updated with data from the Excel file, and any new rows from the file will be added to the sheetlookup table.
  4. Click the Upload Tables button