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These features are supported by the CommCare Community of Practice. While Support for these features is not included as part of your CommCare subscription, please feel free to refer any questions or issues about the content of these pages to the CommCare Forum.

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CommCare Sync: web application for managing your data warehouse 

  • CommCare Sync is a self-hosted, standalone, web-based application that can be used to manage a CommCare “data warehouse”
  • The CommCare Sync application is intended to act as a suite of Data Export Tool (DET) configurations, with an improved user experience from the current command-line CommCare Data Export Tool
  • This turn-key tool allows you to export your data from CommCare HQ in a simple, configurable, and reusable way and save it to a local or cloud-based database (like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, GCP Cloud SQL, or Azure SQL Database)

CommCare Sync: web application for managing your data warehouse