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  1. On the server containing the app you want to copy, go to the URL: http://[SERVER ADDRESS]/a/[PROJECT NAME]/apps/source/<APP_ID>.  For example: https://www.commcarehq.org/a/demo/apps/source/071abeb39a1039df30613c494caa9bc3
  2. You should see a block of JSON-formatted text. Save Right click to save this page as a file with .json extension.
  3. On the new server, go to the following URL http://[SERVER ADDRESS]/a/[PROJECT NAME]/apps/import_app/.
  4. Add an application name, and upload the app json file downloaded above.
  5. Click " Import Application".

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  • This will not copy users and groups.
  • This will not copy organization structure or levels.
  • This will not copy user fields. 
  • This will not copy lookup tables (aka fixtures).
  • This will not copy multimedia from the app. Use the bulk multimedia download/upload to move multimedia.
  • This will not copy feature flags, although it will copy over any feature-flagged content in the application (e.g., advanced modules), which may behave unexpectedly if the domain being copied to does not have the correct flags enabled.