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Training is a critical piece of any CommCare project , and requires careful planning. In this section you will find lots of several training resources to get you started on planning a CommCare training. To get ready for training you will need to think about:

  • Training schedule - how How many days do you need and what do you aim to cover during those days? will Will you focus solely on CommCare or cover health/domain content as well?
  • Training materials and content - do Do you need a training manual ? what about or a user guide for your application? 
  • Training strategies - there are a lot of useful tips and tricks that can make your training more effectiveWhat strategies will you use to ensure an effective training? 

Below you will find resources for each of these topics. You will notice that materials are generally separated for J2ME/Java/Nokia-style features phones and CommCareODK/Android/Smartphone. This is because training on these two platforms is quite different.