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If you want to reuse a property from the case list/detail, or from the case list/details of another screen you can use the copy case list/detail function. For example if you put a really long ID Mapping in the case list, but you also want it in the detail screen, you can now click on the ID Mapping row, Ctrl-C, navigate to the detail screen tab, click on the row below which you want to insert it, and Ctrl-V. To insert at the beginning, click on the header. User sees the built in "selected" browser indication when clicking on a row; you can hit tab to select the next row, shift+tab to select the previous. In ID Mappings in particular translations in multiple languages are maintained. You can see a demonstration here.

Calculations in the Case List/Detail

It is also possible to use calculations in the case list/details screen by enabling an add-on via the application settings screen. This feature will allow you to use custom xpath expressions to perform calculations on data and case properties that can be displayed to your mobile workers. For more information on how to enable and use this functionality, please see the following documentation.

Localization (Translations in the Case Details/List)