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To test your Question IDs, choose "export form contents" under Tools to view all questions in your form.   

Naming Conventions:


Menus and Forms

Users will navigate the application using form and module menu names.

  • Names should clearly describe what the module menu or form does 
  • They should be short names (fit on one line of the phone's screen)
  • Use the same name for forms with similar functions (ex. registration in different modules)


Case management is what makes CommCare uniquely useful for front line workers. Some important things to consider:

 Case List 

  • Show maximum of 3 case properties in listShow properties that will help user find the case they want
  • Add sorts(Case List Sorting) and hidden properties to help user search for the item they want. 
  • It is possible to have several case properties displayed in the case list, but should consider the device type you are using. Phones have smaller screen sizes, and therefore will be able to display fewer properties in the case list, whereas tablets have a more space on the screen to show more properties. In general, 3 to 4 properties is a good number to display in the case list. 

Case Detail

  • Can show more properties than case list.  
  • Add properties that will help user make sure they've picked the right case
  • Add properties that will help user before opening a form for the case 
  • Use the Format option to display case properties correctly for the user Date Formatting,etc. ) See Case List and Case Detail Configuration.
  • Use ID Mapping if displaying any case properties that store item values.  This will make sure friendly text is shown.