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If you do not have access to CommCareHQ, please e-mail using the same template as the one above.

Issue Reporting on CommCare Mobile

You can report any issue to create a FogBugz support ticket from a mobile device using the CommCare menu item "Report Problem" from the "Start" screen of CommCare. This takes you to a form that asks you for your comment, which is added as the "Message:" field at the bottom of the email. Please try to make the message as meaningful and relevant to your error as possible.  The rest of the fields, though editable, will be auto-populated. The full list of fields is as follows:

  • User: 
  • Domain:
  • PostURL:
  • CC version:
  • Device Model:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Android Version:
  • Message:

Reporting Force Closes on CommCare Mobile

If you encounter an error while using CommCare on a mobile device, you may see an error message that says "Report" and forces CommCare to close.  Please do the following:

  1. If prompted, click on “report” to submit the error.

  2. In the field where you can describe your issue, please provide either the mobile worker name, the application name, or an easily identifiable comment.

    1. These errors do not get submitted directly to the Support team. We have to find these in the logs and having an easily identifiable message allows us to do so more easily.

  3. Using one of the previously described templates, please report an issue to describing the force close and make note of the message you entered in step 2.

    1. If you do not perform step 3, there is no guarantee we will look into the issue as we do not actively check the force close logs.

Examples of Good Bug Reports

Examples of bug reports can be seen here: Examples of Good Bug Reports


Downloadable Template