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  1. Name + adjective(s) : have participants introduce themselves positively with one or two adjectives beginning with the same letter as the initial of their first name. For example: Reliable Robert or Funny, Fabulous Fernanda

  2. Name + action symbol : standing up participants form a circle or U-shape. First person says their name and then come up with an action symbol (ex- karate move or dance movement). The next person repeats the name and action symbol of the person before them, then says their names and adds their action symbol. The next person repeats the name and action symbol of everyone before them and then adds their own. Repeat until everyone in the group has gone.

  3. Stand up. Sit Down : the facilitator says a phrase and those for whom the statement is true stand up, those for whom it is false sit down (i.e. "I have a pet." or "This is my first training session." or "I hate bananas" or "I best like to work on my own rather in teams."). After each phrase, you can invite those standing to sit back down again -- or if they are incremental topics, you can say "stay standing if ..." Start with not-too-personal subjects and subjects that will likely cause a lot of people to stand, then move on to more sensitive areas once folks get more comfortable.

  4.  Find your Match : give each participant a slip of paper wth information on it that is relevant to the topic or participants in general. They have to find the corresponding participant with the same information, introduce themselves, and talk briefly about what the information means to them. You can also do this with animals that they have to act out, it works really well as both an energizer and a way to pair up.

  5. HELLO exercise : Hello is an opener that directly relates to the workshop process and content. It uses a deck of playing cards and a few other items. The basic idea is that you prepare four questions related to individuals’ expectations, experience, questions and changes regarding the training. Teams of players are charged with the task of collecting responses from everyone in the room in just a few minutes time. The exercise is high energy and lets participants meet one another, while remaining focused on the day’s agenda.

  6. One minute intros: Everyone in the group gets one minute (need a firm timekeeper for this!) to introduce themselves in whatever way they want. This allows for different types of expression such as dance, song, or just speaking.