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Navigate to the Case List tab of the Pregnancy Module

You can add properties to the display Case List by clicking on Add Property and then starting to type the name of the property. A dropdown will provide suggestions of properties that have already been saved to the case.


For each property we can change the Display Text- the text that the user sees. Just type directly into the box.

Try changing Change the Display Text for "Name" to "Woman's Name"


You can find details on each of these at Case List and Case Detail Configuration.


There are lots of useful designs you can introduce using the appropriate format.

Change the Format for lmp to "Date"

You now have a case list with two properties, using the most appropriate format and readable display text:


Go to the Case Detail tab to start working on the Case Details

You will notice that "name" is already added as a property

Add two additional properties, total_children and feeling_sick, by clicking on Add Property on and typing the property name.

There are should now be 3 case properties in the Case Details. You may notice that we are keeping the property name in both case list and details - depending upon what is best for your users it may make sense to keep some properties in both places.

Update the Display Text until it looks like this: 


  • You can remove properties by clicking on the "X" on the right side of any row.
  • You can change the order of properties by grabbing on the left side of any row and dragging it up and down.
  • Don't forget to save!


Sorting the case list is a potentially very powerful tool. For example, keeping a list alphabetical may be useful for some workers to quickly find a case (though they can also search in the list).


You can sort by a case property by clicking on the Add Sort Property button in the Case List tab. You can then choose the property, or series of properties you want to sort by, and specify the direction of sorting. A property does not have to be displayed in the Case List in order for you to sort by it.