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  1. FRED Use Case Framework and Collection Worksheet - Sheet1.pdf

    etc) Get a list of all updated records since version or timestamp value Ensure integrity of facility information in external system Client Bob Jolliffe
  2. CommCare Messaging Reports

    .) Location Message Log includes: Timestamp - date/time from the server (shown in the project's timezone … The report identifies contacts in a project space who have used the opt-out workflow. The list of contacts shows the timestamp of their last action and if a contact
    CommCare PublicSep 22, 2017
  3. RwandaFacilityRegistry-DeploymentOpsCM.pdf

    provides Rwanda with VM when ready Rwanda instantiates the VM in it’s own environment Rwanda migrates data to new instance, checking the last update timestamp. - May … , manageability) If the UAT passes, - Verify last changes timestamp on production version; if changed, perform a new migration of data. - Update IP address of VM
    Facility Registry / … / OHIE FR - MaterialsMay 04, 2012
  4. FacilityRegistryAPI 05-25-12.pdf

    and marked with a unique epoch (timestamp). Maintaining Official Sets with Tags A tag can be assigned to a particular epoch for a particular feature. This allows … feature at a particular epoch (timestamp) in GeoJSON ex) /features/FR_23asdf3233@2012-03-28T07:57:56.json GET /api/1.0/features/${feature_id}.png Returns QR
  5. Applicant Exercises

    the following: [{"ip": "", "timestamp": 2011-06-09T17:46:21, "values": [1, 4, 7, -2], "sum": 10, "product": -56}, {"ip": "", "timestamp": 2011
    Dimagi PublicMar 29, 2016
  6. Automatically Close Cases

    Description name The case's name owner_id The system identifier for the case's owner opened_on The timestamp that the case was opened opened_by The system identifier for the case's opener modified_on The timestamp that the case was last modified on mobile server_modified_on The timestamp that the case was last modified
    CommCare PublicMar 05, 2018
  7. Inspect Data

    " for the created date. Put a star after the date if you do not have the exact timestamp. Example: "ian AND is:open AND modified:2011-10-01*" use TO in between date ranges
    CommCare PublicJun 21, 2018
  8. WisePill Home

    to be valid for any day. If a patient only has one intake period per day, then the intake2_ fields should be left empty. Is the timestamp reported by the wisepill device in UTC (for example, for the timestamp argument "T=040810211539", does this represent 2012-08-04 21:15:39 UTC)? If so, then the intake times must also be in UTC
    WisePillMar 06, 2013
  9. L10K Phase 2 - Integrations Report - Google Docs.pdf

    information about whom to pay and how much. Any integration may require other supporting information such timestamps for scheduling or other nuanced options … completion timestamps to be accurate. ■ (CRUD) MOTECH requests the current state of a case / patient / household, updates it with a form submission, and sends
  10. 12-07-30 Gap Analysis RHEA-HSD (1).pdf

    create timestamp and last update timestamp  Facility geocode (latitude, longitude)  Facility services (list)  Facility bed count  Facility manager name
    Facility Registry / … / Technical MaterialsSep 01, 2012