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  1. Advanced Case Management Tutorial Part 5 - How to Create an Edit Form

    The following instructions demonstrate how to make data in your application editable by creating an edit form. This page walks you through the general … to be editable, too). Save all of the questions you want to be editable as case properties, in the case management tab of your form settings page. Create a new follow
    CommCare PublicOct 22, 2018
  2. Data Cleaning: Clean Case Data

    CommCare allows you to edit your case data directly through the Case List report. This feature allows you to edit properties or values connected to a case … information on how to use the Case List, please proceed here. Once you have found the case you would like to edit and selected it from the case list, you
    CommCare PublicJun 17, 2019
  3. Edit and Manage CommCare Data

    Here are some features and tricks for how to deal with test data or accidental errors in form submissions. Keeping your dataset clean and correct on CommCare helps reduce time cleaning data in excel later. CommCareHQ Actions Edit Submitted Forms Projects that are on a Pro software plan or higher can use the Data
    CommCare PublicApr 26, 2016
  4. Linking Parent and Child Case Data

    This page will guide you through linking different levels of cases when looking at data exports. How Cases are Linked Child cases are linked to their parents … download will have two tabs - the first one has case data, and the second has the parent ID for each case that has one. The two tabs (and two cases) are linked
    CommCare PublicDec 28, 2015
  5. Advanced Case Management Tutorial Part 1 - Saving Data to Case Properties

    Why to save data to the case as case properties How to save data to the case as case properties In this tutorial we will continue where we left off … and unlock the full potential of case management. 1. Saving Data from the Registration Form Go to your application and click on the gear icon next to the "Register
    CommCare PublicJul 18, 2017
  6. Location-Based Data Access and User Editing Restrictions

    . Organizations allow you to partition your project and restrict which data different users are allowed to view and edit. You can limit data exports so that a web user can only export data in their assigned location, or limit mobile worker and location editing. When you have organization-based restrictions turned on, users
    CommCare PublicMar 28, 2019
  7. Case Data

    Purpose: get all of the data associated with a case, including all case property values, a list of associated forms and a list of associated referrals. The case data may be presented to the end user as a case details screen. Base URL:[domain]/api/[version]/case/[case_id]/ Input parameters
    CommCare PublicApr 01, 2016
  8. Data APIs

    ]/user/ Edit Mobile Workers ✓ Cases list cases[domain]/api/[version]/case/ Edit DataCase Data find a single case[domain]/api/[version]/case/[case_id]/ Edit Data ✓ Forms list form submissions[domain]/api/[version]/form/ Edit
    CommCare PublicMay 30, 2019
  9. Case Data Export

    For an overview of "cases" in CommCare, see our case management overview. Or go back to the Data Export Overview. Export Case Data to Excel This export functionality provides the ability to download data from the cases submitted to CommCareHQ. You should use this feature when you are interested in measuring an outcome
    CommCare PublicMar 29, 2019
  10. General Workflow Suggestions

    Here are some points to consider when designing your application How can your user edit data? If, for example, your user enters the wrong village name or misspells a name, how will they correct that case data? It is best to add an "edit details" form to your application. This can be a very simple process: Make a copy
    CommCare PublicFeb 19, 2019