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  1. Getting Started Module 0 - Checking Scan Test forms for the finger print scanner. You should be able to register a case in the first form and load the case … a notice that there is an existing match and not present any further questions or create a case. If no match is found, the form should present initial questions
    UTBSPSep 23, 2014
  2. CHW Training Schedule.docx

    how infant visit form appears for that child. Walk through infant visit form showing how different answers will create different visit days. Repeat again … and how it work Selecting a mother or child using up and down Tell them not to type when on the list. This will turn on search and might hide the person
  3. Keywords Tutorial - Setting Up a Case to Report Data

    image2015-1-6 16:56:4.png And then set the case type to data_reporter image2015-1-6 16:56:51.png Create the Registration Form This tutorial assumes you already know how to create a form with hidden values. Rename the Untitled Form to Registration and add questions so that it resembles the following. Some important things
    CommCare PublicNov 20, 2018
  4. Edit and Manage CommCare Data

    Here are some features and tricks for how to deal with test data or accidental errors in form submissions. Keeping your dataset clean and correct on CommCare … "system" in the Form column). Click on the "Archive Form" button to re-open the case. Automatically Closing Cases Create rules on CommCareHQ to automatically close
    CommCare PublicOct 10, 2019
  5. SMS vs Mobile Application

    and date, initial loading of forms, phone charging) and how they are distributed, updated and replaced over time. 3. Policy Development – It is imperative … to many people that can run directly on off-the-shelf, unmodified phones The free-form nature of SMS text messages can lead to significant user input error
    CommCare PublicNov 20, 2013
  6. Case Configuration

    Monitoring", to see how this is done. This example application has one menu and three forms: Child Menu Registration - should create a new case Follow up … on the form that you want to create a new case and go to the "Case Management" Tab. In the drop-down menu choose "Registers a new case" open_a_case.PNG The first option
    CommCare PublicOct 29, 2019
  7. CommCare Form Management Features

    somewhat confusing, this page lays out the basics of how forms are managed. Configuration Options Currently Incomplete and Saved form management are disabled … under the Android Settings section. When the features are disabled, incomplete and saved form records are not created, and all of the user interface options
    CommCare PublicJul 31, 2019
  8. Child Cases

    the parent case. If you have multiple repeat groups that create cases in a single form, all properties saved to a single child case must be from the same repeat … case's form, and load parent properties into a child's form. To reference a parent property, type: parent/property_name For example, on the case configuration
    CommCare PublicNov 18, 2019
  9. Beginner Tutorial Part 3 - Building a Simple Form

    Time to start building! How to add, delete, and change the order of questions in a form What some of the different question types are How to add Question IDs and what they mean Adding and editing Label Text 1- Learn how to navigate the Form Builder After hitting "create" or "edit" on your form, you are inside the Form
    CommCare PublicJul 14, 2017
  10. mHealth Training Deck 1.2 refresher

    Persons face in doing their job? • How could introducing technology help with these challenges? • Is it possible for more challenges to be created by introducing … family • Experiment with entering different answers to see how the path of the form may change • Try to register a man • Try to register a woman, aged 10 • Try