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  1. CommCare Android Troubleshooting

    Loading Incomplete Forms How to check if there are quarantined forms on the device If you know or suspect that there are forms which a mobile user filled out … with your username and password, and ensure that the applicaiton isn't loading a screen informing you that it is sending unsent forms Log back out Clear the local
    CommCare PublicAug 23, 2018
  2. SMS Survey Tutorial - Creating an SMS Survey

    21:21:41.png Add the Clinic Attendance Survey This tutorial assumes you already know how to create a form with hidden values. Rename the Untitled Form to Clinic … An SMS Survey is just another form in CommCareHQ. You can have the same logic you have in forms (display logic, validation logic). You can also use the survey
    CommCare PublicJul 15, 2015
  3. Edit Form Submissions

    state. You cannot change the case that the form references. Basic case property loading into hidden values will reflect the state of the case at the time the form … +Android+Troubleshooting to see the latest updates on another device. Editing forms that use repeat groups to create cases will create new cases instead
    CommCare PublicApr 24, 2019
  4. Messaging Beginner Tutorial - Register a Case For Messaging

    13:18:34.png And then set the case type to pregnancy. image2014-12-12 13:20:50.png Create the Registration Form This tutorial assumes you already know how … Choose an SMS Connection for Project This describes how to setup a form that will register a case for use with Messaging. You can currently only have one
    CommCare PublicSep 30, 2015
  5. Easy References FAQ

    References make it a whole lot easier to reference case properties in a form, effectively getting rid of the "loading" step. See this blog … functionality by referencing a case property in the "Default Value" field of a form question. Do Easy References affect how I save questions to the case
    CommCare PublicJan 03, 2017
  6. Case Management Options.pptx

    only the case list case_type Advanced Modules Form Page: Can load/update any cases you want to Can create any cases you want to (with any relationships) Advanced … for Case Claim) Can load clients and create unrelated notifications Can create child and grandchild cases from same form Why save_to_case? Can reassign Client
  7. CommCare Form Management Features

    somewhat confusing, this page lays out the basics of how forms are managed. Configuration Options Currently Incomplete and Saved form management are disabled … under the Android Settings section. When the features are disabled, incomplete and saved form records are not created, and all of the user interface options
    CommCare PublicJul 31, 2019
  8. [Learning Module] Advanced App Building Features

    and Case Detail Configuration Use Form Logic Explain how form display conditions work Create a form display condition Recognize the different options for End … Explain how Fuzzy Search works Use ID mapping and other advanced case list/detail "types" Case List and Case Detail Configuration Fuzzy Search Use Child Cases
    CommCare PublicJul 02, 2015
  9. Keywords Tutorial - Setting Up a Case to Report Data

    image2015-1-6 16:56:4.png And then set the case type to data_reporter image2015-1-6 16:56:51.png Create the Registration Form This tutorial assumes you already know how to create a form with hidden values. Rename the Untitled Form to Registration and add questions so that it resembles the following. Some important things
    CommCare PublicNov 20, 2018
  10. Archive Forms

    how archived forms affect cases: The changes will not appear on phones until the phones sync with the server. In some circumstances you may have clear data … /opened a new case), it will cause the case to be deleted If the form created or updated multiple cases, the main case and all subcases will be affected The metadata
    CommCare PublicApr 26, 2016