On CommCare for Java Phones you are able to add icons to form and module menus.You can also add images to the CommCare menu options such as Sync with Server or Send All Unsent.

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1. Obtain the images that you want displayed on the home screen. Presently you can add images to the options: "Sync with Server", "Sync with Server" (overdue), and "Review Files"

2. Enter the translation key corresponding to your desired image(s) in the UI translations section of HQ corre (see UI translations in CommCare.) The keys are:


KeyMenu ItemDefault File path
Sync with Server (regular)server.sync.icon.normaljr://file/commcare/images/sync_server_normal.png
Sync with Server (overdue)server.sync.icon.warnjr://file/commcare/images/sync_server_warn.png
Review Formscommcare.review.iconjr://file/commcare/images/review_forms.png
Send All Unsentsend.unsent.iconjr://file/commcare/images/send_unsent.png

Note: if you want to simply use the predefined locations, you can put the images at the specified default file paths and never change the UI string yourself.

3. For the value, enter the location where you will put the .png file on the phone's sd card.  See Multimedia in CommCare - remember you need to start the filepath with jr://file (which means the SD card) and end it with the name of the file and .png.

4. When you install the application, place your audio file on the phone's SD card in the exact location you defined in step #3

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